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FREE Eyelash Brush Set

I just can’t stop posting. I wrote a list last night of all the awesome things to share… It’s 2 pages long! 

I thought I would do this one for today because it’s really cool and FREE! And I love free. 
I believe as photographers we have a duty to make our clients feel beautiful! If they hate pictures of themselves it’s because to many times they didn’t get to see the real them as the rest of the world does, I want to change that. Using Photoshop to soften skin, remove blemishes and such is great… Something even more fun than that is to add some eye lashes for the ladies! 
This is one of those sites I definitely STUMBLED on. I have no idea how I found it, but next thing I know it had been hours! This post is about FREE eye lash brushes by trissle-brushes. When looking at other brushes on the site, make sure you check the rules. The designer I’m sharing with you (trisste-brushes) says to go ahead and take and it’s ok to have the purpose of selling. So generous for us! 
Below (and technically above) are all examples of me using the lash brushes….

Technical Tip: Make sure you add each lash as it’s own layer. Than free transform the layer (command T for mac) and slim it, curve it, etc. to get it just right… last bring down the opacity to create a natural lash!

If you love them, let me know! 
P.S. There will be an ACTION’S GIVEAWAY from Lolly’s Playground on Wednesday so make sure you check back to submit your name to win! 


  1. jennaloudesigns says:

    Thanks for sharing!! I’m totally going to use this.

  2. Cheryn says:

    Awesome, Leah! I can’t wait to get my hands on PhotoShop CS4 when I go back to school in the fall. I’m also taking a digital photography class so it should really point me in the right direction. Love your blog!

you said:

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