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Have you set up shop with a printing company? WHCC was recommended to me by a photographer friend who I really look up to, so honestly I didn’t even look at anyone else I just did! After all, I like to follow the advice of those smarter than me! 🙂 I’m REALLY glad I did! So far I have placed 5 orders with them and they have been awesome! The customer service is amazing, they get back to me so fast (and I know I was asking a few (ok more than a few) dumb questions) and the turn around time is phenomenal. I ordered business cards on the same day last week from two places WHCC & Moo (at moo I ordered the minis – which are really cool). My WHCC business cards were here 3 days ago, as of Friday, my Mini Moos had not even shipped yet. Now when it comes to customer orders, you want fast turn around! I ordered birth announcements on Wednesday (shipped regular at no cost to me) and they will be here tomorrow!

I am also HUGE about presentation. I want my customers to always get more than they expected! The new premium packaging from WHCC offers one more way for me to do that!
I also love the Recycled paper, really fun for Senior Rep cards, plus you can feel very cool about helping the environment!When you sign up, they will send you a really cool info packet that gives you examples of all of the printing textures (Linen is my absolute favorite) and you get 5 FREE PRINTS to test out your calibration and their quality! I also LOVE that I can tell my customers that I am set up with a Professional Printing Company! (however I don’t tell them who, my prices are for me to know only!)
If you use WHCC, please comment and let people know!
Or if you have another company you would really recommend, share the love!


  1. jennaloudesigns says:

    Haven’t bought anything from whcc yet, but I’ve always heard they are the best. I really need to get set up there.

  2. Shannon says:

    has anyone used mpix??

  3. Clair says:

    I have been using mpix for over a year and am pleased with them. I always hear about WHCC too so I want to try and compare. My plan is to order the same prints from both and see how they turn out. (sorry I haven’t done this yet or I could already share!)

  4. Shannon says:

    Yes, love them! I’m not a pro but like to create stuff for myself. So many people asked me how I was creating things that I did a step-by-step blog post about how to do it (link at my name). Did you find it easy to do? It took me a while to figure out so I figure I’d try to explain and try to help somebody out.

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