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MINI MOOS – 20% off coupon code!

I really believe that it’s important to make yourself stand out! You need to leave an impression and your first impression is always critical. That’s why none of my business card are actually business card size, how is that ever going to stand apart from the rest?! I have the book mark size, when folded becomes business card size but offers a lot more room thru WHCC and than I also have my mini Moos. These are really fun and cute, and they work great for leaving in a little bowl (I have some at the salon I use). Now order placement to your doorstep is not the fastest, but you can design your own front and than leave your 411 on the back! 
I paid $20 for 100 and they come in a cool hard box. (I’m a sucker for presentation) – oh, I didn’t have a coupon code.
Want to try em’ 
I have a promo code for you! Q2NWU9 
If you have never bought from MOO before, you will get a 20% discount off any 1 MOO product. Cool, huh!?
Tip: In Photoshop create a new document width 28mm, height 70mm. Just drag your logo, a picture and you have a unique calling card! 



  1. Cheryn says:

    You are so clever…I think this is a great business for you!

you said:

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