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When you are admiring all the photographers that make your heart sing what do they have in common? They have a website, and most likely a client proofing page. Today lets talk about proofing. Proofing can make life a lot simpler/ Being able to upload all your final images from a shoot and offer them for purchase (especially using credit cards) can really add to your sales. But how do you get set up with proofing if you don’t have any extra$$?

Well, here is someone I’ve tried. I found this company because it’s who Mark Holladay Lee uses. They are free to set up an account but charge a percentage of your order.
If you are interested in being able to set up online proofing (with customer password if desired) for your clients than Instaproof  just might be the right place for you. Heres an idea, if you are still not charging, how about as you ease into becoming profitable you can continue to do the shoot for free but than load the images and offer those for sale.
I just had my first customer place an order through Instaproof. I’m able to update from my side as I place the order via WHCC. I can change the status from received, to ordered and once it’s shipped from WHCC I will update again to shipped and add the tracking number. Instaproof sends all the emails and allows me a little spot to add any text I may feel relevant.
If you decide to sign up with Instaproof, please say you were refereed by Mark Hollady Lee of Holladay Photos. After all, he referred me!


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