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Skin Tricks – Part 1 by mcp actions

Oh lucky day! More tutorials!!! And an FYI – at the end of the video you will find links for so many more video tutorials by Jodi!

 Jodi at mcp actions has been generous enough to share a video tutorial with us at GoforPro! Jodi, thank you so much for your willingness to share. Jodi is a photoshop genius who offers web based workshops, actions and much more. If your not familiar with mcp actions yet, make sure you go spend some time on the site and blog! 

Okay… Here is the fist video tutorial: Skin – Part 1

I hope you have enjoyed the tutorial, become a fan and be the first to know when new posts are up! I have a lot more in the works, more tutorials AND a post dedicated to free photography stuff available to anyone, I have gotten some great stuff and you will be too! 
WANT A FREEBIE TASTE TESTER? Go to mcp actions and click TRY ME! You will find several FREE actions for your enjoyment! Have fun! 


  1. Cheryn says:

    I hear angels singing …AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Love it.

  2. Jennalou says:

    brilliant! Thanks for sharing.

you said:

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