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I’ve recently signed up for Animoto Pro. I’m really excited about it and I wanted to share, plus I just like saying the name a-n-i-m-o-t-o!! (I like to say it like the geico gecko, when he says he’d like to change his name to “Komodo Dragon, please.” Seriously thats my favorite commercial ever! Anyone remember that?

OK. Back on subject! I haven’t quite figured out how to incorporate it ($$ wise) into sales. But here is why I love it. Clients get a sneak peak with in 3 days of the session. Than their online proofing gallery is available with in 2 weeks. Just a couple days before the gallery is ready I can make a super easy animoto video and put it on facebook and or the blog to get them pumped about their session again. Animoto then makes it super easy to burn a high quality DVD version that I can offer to the client. In addition with their disk. Click on any of the links or use the promo code: xordqhik and get $5 off the all access pass or 1 extra month of commercial access.

Here is my first one!



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