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Shape Collage & Logo Info

Here is a very fun and cool little trick! I first saw it on friend’s photography blog – and she spotted it on a another professional photographers blog. Now you can have it on your blog too. It’s just a cool FREE application from Shape Collage. Have fun, if you use it on a post, place a link in the comment box. I’d love to see how others use it!

BTW – I finally figured out my logo… And I can change and lighten the swirls any which way I want!

Now all those other logos need happy homes! I haven’t figured out how to structure that? Any ideas?


  1. Kristen says:

    You should have a giveaway for your logos! If people want one, they can sign up, and then you can draw names!
    Oh, and um, if you decide to do it, I'm seriously obsessed with #2. Love it.

  2. Denise says:

    What fonts did you use for your logo?

  3. Clair says:

    Thanks for sharing this shape collage! I finally gave it a go and it is a lot of fun and quite addicting. I am using one of the collages I made for a fall ad. Here is the link-

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