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Photography Acronyms

Have you ever wondered what a fellow photographer is talking about? Someone spouted out it’s SOOC or responded RTFM or just got confused with AV, AP, AI, AE and AS (to name a few)? We have our own little language full of abbreviations leaving many a newbie stumped. Well I went out to find/make a list of these abbreviations and acronyms to be able to share with you.

First I googled and found a few helpful sights than I went to one of my favorite places to get answers, TwoPeas and posted the question and of course, I got great feedback! Melissa (a fellow pea) was kind enough to share a list she has compiled and with her permission I now pass it on to you all.
Here is your very own acronym cheat sheet download!
You can also book mark these helpful links:


  1. *Jennifer* says:

    this would have been nice to have when I first started out, hope it helps others.

you said:

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