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Do you need to be technically trained to be a professional photographer?

Ummmm. HUGE NO!! This question has been raised a few times and I wanted to give my 2 pence…

I could spout out way more photographers than I have fingers and toes that do not have any actually training BUT there is a lot to learn!! And just like any other field, you get out of it what you put into it. In other words you don’t need technical training but you do have to KNOW a lot more than something!

So we each have to decide – where do you want to take this? Write it down, make goals and DEVISE A PLAN to make it happen! Do you just want to do this on the side. Take clients when a referral is made and casually bring in a little extra while doing what you love? If thats what you want than that is great for you!!
If you want to be a little bigger here are some questions you might ask?
1. Do you have a figure you would like to earn this year, is it reasonable?
2. Are you technically prepared? If not what do you need so you are?
3. Are you set up on the business side? (having a photography business take a ton more than a camera!)
4. Where do you want to focus? (maybe a demographic)
5. How are you getting your name out there?
6. Where are your strengths and weaknesses?
7. Play up on the weaknesses, how do you need to improve (be very honest) and what are you going to do about it?
8. How can you play up your strengths?
9. Where would you like to see yourself in 1 year (and you can expand out)?
10. Why are you a photographer?
I think we might take each of these questions individually and elaborate. Let me know if thats something you would like to see!


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