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Announcement Designs for the Savvy Photographer from Shabby Princess!

One great way to market yourself is through announcements! It’s an awesome and free way to get your name out to new potential clients. Your client has a baby (or a child graduating or Christmas cards or whatever), they order announcements (I’ve never had a client of a newborn not!!) and your logo goes out to 25 to 100 or more new potential clients! Pretty great right?! Essentially they pay you to advertise – how sweet is that?!!
There are tons of companies out there that design announcements, and many of them are beautiful!!! When I first started my business I had shopping carts saved at at least 10 design stores and was dying to click ‘buy now’ on all of them!! I was going to spend more on templates than I did on my camera! And we will talk about all those awesome companies in a later post. But today it’s all about DIY! With your own design saved in layers you can make any and all adjustments you want! Plus you can use the kits for your album designs as well!!
Because of the above mentioned, a love for design and the fact that I’m a bit of a control freak I decided I really wanted to make my own! I started looking into digital scrap kits that I could purchase with COMMERCIAL RIGHTS (very important!!) and those can be crazy expensive too! But than I found Shabby Princess and I’m SO excited about what I got!! I purposefully picked sets that could be used for Birth (boy and girl), graduation, Christmas, even Halloween and birthday announcement or invitations…. The above image is of the 4 sets I purchased;organic, yours truly, smarshmallows, the bella collection. They have so many great sets – even as I type this, I’m filling up my basket again!
Below are some announcements that I’ve created, at least so far. As you can see, very simple and easy! I’m SOOOO excited to start working on my Christmas cards followed by graduation announcements (which all of my seniors are very excited about!).
The holidays are pretty much here for us photographers and we need to start thinking Christmas cards. Take a look at Shabby Princess – fill your cart and start designing today! Send me an email with what you create, I’d love to see!

Senior Open House Announcment


Trifold. Front flap, middle, front

trifold – inside spread





little TIP: I’m switching ALL my designs to open card or trifold so that I always have a back to place my logo and website! The back is the perfect spot to place a little feet image so you know people will look at your name! I print all my cards with WHCC on LINEN paper and ALWAYS present them in the premium packaging option from WHCC (as seen below). When we finish a session, I brake out some announcement examples (I’ve asked each client to send one to me!) so that they can see and FEEL the texture and quality, I always leave with them saying they want some!



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    Looking great!!!

  2. Charlotte says:

    This is an awesome tip and link. I will most definitely be checking this site out. Your design work looks great as well!

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