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What should I Wear for my session?

Do you get this question much? If you are anything like me, you get it A LOT! The fact is – it’s a great question! What they wear can make as big a difference as wear we are for the session so being able to guide clients into great wardrobe choice can really make you (or me) look good!! And sadly a bad clothing choice can have quite the negative affect too. I have had clients show up and what they are wearing (in a not so good way) becomes my whole focus for how I had to shoot… In one case it was all I could do to keep prospective viewers to see her face and not everything else. And it wasn’t coming off in a cool seductive way (in case you were curious).

These are my ideas on HOW to guide clients into great clothing choices.
First: And this is an easy one. It’s always important to stay busy (or at least always appear busy) when you are slow or just plain love a new photo – showcase your kids! So next time you and the kids are trying to figure out what to do for the day, raid the closet dress them up from head to toe and head outside for a fun mini shoot. (Make sure you bring them some treats so it actually is fun for them 😉 If your kids are anything like mine, they may just be your worst subjects! Don’t have kids? Grab a cute friend, doll her up and snap away.
My Second idea, I actually got from Leah Profanik and after seeing hers and creating my own, I’ve now seen it on several other’s blogs too. Create a What to Wear post. I was aiming for a weekly ‘what to wear wednesday’ but so far I’m not doing to hot. All the same, I do want to keep up with it. Showcasing a variety of options (fitting a variety of budgets) so that people can find what matches that particular families style.
Third. Accessories really add a lot to a photograph. So have some accessories of your own that you can bring along to a session. I have beanies for girls and boys in a variety of sizes (some are my kids, some just for session). I also have several tutus and leg warmers (I can use for arms or legs) and I want to keep adding to this. Some thoughts are ties, that I can put over boys (or girls) T-Shirts and maybe a little suit vest for boys (again super cute over a T-Shirt).
Last thing I do… When I send out my welcome email after I receive a deposit I have a little paragraph about what to wear as well. I think it’s a great thing to nudge clients in the right clothing direction every chance you get.


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    Love this what to wear combo. I may use it plan for my own family pics!

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