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Professional Portrait Albums

Everyone makes albums these days, anyone can go to their online print company an order an album. Because of this fact I wanted to make sure that the albums I offered were not the kind you could find anywhere else. I wanted something special that would scream professional. After a ton of searching I found a company who’s products I fell in LOVE with, I just received my first album from THE DREAM ALBUM CO. and had to share.

This one above is a 6×6 mini created for one of my Seniors. I have a feeling these will be my most popular although I’m dying to get a 12×12 made to show off during session to my clients. I have my pricing set up so that with the mini the client will receive a free DVD slideshow (using Animoto) with the album. The quality is fantastic and it should be coming with a pretty steep price tag. With a turn around time of over 4 weeks it does take some patience and with your own design time you will probably have to give clients around a 6 week timeframe but I really do believe that The Dream Album Co. is worth the wait.

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