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I love me a makeover!

I saw a blog. It was the blog of an on-location photographer and I swear I didn’t even know such a thing existed before that blog, (that was 2 years ago) and that was it for me. I was head over heels, love at first sight, positively smitten with natural light, on location photography! And as I sat at my computer late into the night looking at every image he had ever posted a little birdie whispered, ‘you can do that.’ And so I’ve done (well sort of), not really there yet!

I knew NOTHING. Thats saying it mildly, I had never taken a photography class, never owned more than a p&s. Had not really heard of photoshop, let alone seen it or recognized what it could do. The only thing I did know was that I wanted to know and would know! I wanted to be and would be. Each time I would learn a new tidbit it was like Christmas!! I would be so excited and go running to tell my husband the positively incredible piece of magic I had just learned (at least that how I saw each thing – he may not have agreed when I was waking him up at 3am). One of the great things, I’ve learned is that most of it is not as hard as I thought it would be and the magic of it is that you can start with the basics and improve for the rest of your life.
I created this blog because I knew I wasn’t the only gal trying to go pro. I wasn’t the only one trying to get it all sorted out and that there was someone else like me who when learning new bits of magic had the sense of Christmas morning over and over again. It means a lot to me to be able to give back, to offer what I learn to others and give them their very own “ah-ha!” moments! I feel very honored to think that every once in a while I’m the source of that. I’m excited as readership has grown! As you can see we have a new fresh look to go with our fresh, go-get-em’ attitude. I feel like I was just introduced to the power of shiny lipgloss for the first time!
I have looked in on a lot of your blogs (if you have fanned this blog). It made me so happy to see some of you with new (tofurous wordpress) blogs and others using brushes I had told you about or free downloads we have found for you. I saw one with a logo I made and several other things that were Go4Pro… The point is, it’s great seeing that this information is useful (nope, the point was not that I’m a blog stalker – shoot did I just admit that?)
Any how. Thank you for reading. Thank you for inspiring me. Go{4}Pro is taking some new turns and along with our new look we are going to be doing some new stuff too (yep, thats a we, not just a me)… So stay tuned!
Oh and FEEL FREE to take this cute little Go{4} Pro button and post it on your blog! If I’m blog stalking (I mean admiring from a far) your blog (you have to be a fan) and find it there, you will be getting a very cool surprise!


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