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How to work your Canon Flash and which CANON Flash I don’t like.

First comes the {camera} body, than comes the lens, next comes the flash so you can make some dividends. Being a Canon girl, I had esentially 2 choices the 430 vs. the 580. With about a $200 price difference I went with the 430. I really wish I hadn’t. My number one problem has been battery life. Last Saturday I shot an event, I was shooting for about 6 hours straight, I needed a flash and was using my Gary Fong WhaleTail diffuser the whole night (I’ll talk about the Gary Fong diffusers in another post). Before the event I sent my assistant (aka my hubby) out to buy really good batteries from the camera shop – he bought 3 sets (each $15) thinking this would be more than enough. I was changing out batteries about every hour because they got to hot in the flash, slowing the flash WAY down in between shots. I had thought it was because I was using Kirkland Signature brand batteries that I was changing them out so fast but after installing these high quality ones I realized it was the flash. Leaving me either missing the shot when I was shooting candid’s or asking people to wait for it to power up when I was shooting portraits, both ways it was maddening to say the least. As far as I have found there is no external battery for the 430 like there is for the 580. If I’m wrong someone PLEASE tell me. Other than that I’m happy with my flash but this battery thing is a real deal breaker! Please way in your thoughts and let us know what you have and how you feel about it or if your in the market feel free to ask a question in the comment box!

Below are videos for the very basics of getting started with your flash.

And for my Nikon Friends… (I don’t know anything about them but I didn’t leave you hanging, so here is a video for you!)

If you happen to be a Sony user… Here is a link for your flash!


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