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When it comes to photography blogs and websites, I have to say that I prefer to read and look at someone’s blog compared to their website. I personally believe that you get more of a feel for someone’s personality and style when reading their blog. So while a website is great for showing off the photographers best work and capturing peoples attention, a blog is there to keep their attention and perhaps seal the deal in choosing a photographer. So what I’m trying to say in a round about way is that you, as a photographer, need a good blog. And because everybody’s budget’s are different, Blogger may be the right fit for you. FREE is always great! I’m going to give you some tips and share some websites that helped me when I first started blogging. This post is all about blogger, but I have to say, for photography quality I highly recommend WORDPRESS. That account is free too, you can get a domain name for under $100 for the year and a free template to really spice it up, I wrote about it a while back here. For $100 you can have a very professionally styled blogsite!

Okay, sorry, if I were trying to plan my blog I would have wanted to know about wordpress, so I had to add that in. Of course blogger is not bad 😉 after all this blog post you are reading is up because of blogger.., so thanks Blogspot. Now back to blogger…

This first little tip I had no idea I could do until my sister told me about it. Did you know that you can read other people’s HTML? There was a background that somebody had on their blog that I loved and I wanted to know where they got it from. You click View on your tool bar and then View Source. Their whole blog’s HTML will come up. DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT copy anything from somebody’s HTML unless they give you permission. I only use this method to help me find out where that person has downloaded a certain template, button or something else.
To be able to really understand what you are reading to get the information that you want from that persons blog you kinda need to know and understand HTML. is a great site to help you learn to read your HTML. Plus they have over 170 wonderful pre made templates to choose from that will make your blog look more professional in an instant. is another blogger savvy site that can help you from downloading pictures to changing the layout of your blog. I’m a very visual person and if these tutorials helped me, they can help you!
For a great blog you want big pictures! Did you know that blogger has added some features to make it easier to post pictures? Got to Settings>Basic and scroll down to Global Settings. Select Updated Editor and save your settings. It won’t change your blog at all just, how you use it for the better. Now when you upload a picture, after you’ve uploaded you can change the size from small to X Large. Even after you’ve selected the size you can still size it down by double clicking on the picture. There’s an ‘undo’ and ‘redo’ button. At first I actually thought it was a rotate button. 🙂 So don’t make the same mistake I did. Play around with it and you’ll quickly get used to how user friendly it is.
My last tip is to Google. I LOVE googling. It’s a big world out there with billions of people. Chances are somebody has had the same question as you and has found the answer.
I’m leaving you again with saying that Blogger is FREE. We can all save a little money but we don’t have to sacrifice style. I hope these tips help. Now go out and supe up your blog!


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