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Completely personal today…

This weekend I worked really hard on these designs that I was so excited to unveil today but after just reading a comment that popped in on the blog the new designs just have to wait… I want to say something…

THANK YOU! My heart is positively overwhelmed, I feel so incredibly blessed right now and it is because of you! Since coming back from WPPI, Go{4}Pro has increased traffic by 126%! SEVEN THOUSAND PEOPLE came to Go{4}Pro last week. There were months and months at the beginning where maybe 40 people stopped by in a day, and zero comments were left and if I’m being completely honest I was not very content with that. Truth be told… I’ve always dreamed so much biggert! I want to touch people, I want to inspire them! My ultimate dream is to teach and share and offer my passion in a personal environment that will enrich this industry.

I dream that I will leave the photography industry better then I found it by educating, mentoring and inspiring new photographers to dream and accomplish big. I can’t believe I’m being so honest with just how lofty my goals really are! Well might as well go with it now… *blush* I love reaching out, I love connecting and I love having the opportunity to inspire and I just can’t even believe that in one week 7,000 of you allowed me that opportunity! Now I’m crying. I am a huge cryer. If you ever meet me in person you are almost guaranteed to see me cry…  Any good deed or dream acquired gets me teary. Extreme Home Makeover… yep I cry before they ever even tell the story. The movie The Blind Side, I haven’t even seen it yet but I cry through every preview. My childhood had a lot of pain and I honestly didn’t believe there was any deep goodness in the world. As a child the world seemed selfish and cruel and it often left me broken and alone but as I grew up and once I truly found my faith I learned the most incredible thing, there is genuine good in this world – a lot of it. That epiphany left two things branded on my heart. The first was the awe I was left in at the genuine kindness that truly is all around us. That has never left me which explains why I get weepy for all good deeds. The second is that I wanted to live a life that would inspire others and share a genuine kindness and appreciation for those I’m blessed to meet. Ugg. I’ve gotten way off track… back to the beginning.

See when I was at that 40 a day mark, I asked a writer of a very big blog to do an interview and they didn’t have time (I got that a lot at the beginning, and still often do). In the response back they said something about getting 10,000 hits a month – it stuck with me. I sat at my desk reading that number over and over and my thought was, ‘so that’s the number for successful? 10,000 a month. Okay then, that’s my starting goal for Go{4}Pro.’ It seemed extremely unrealistic at the time but I didn’t care, I was going to aim for 10,000 hits per month to start. That’s kind of pretty much how my brain works in a nutshell. *laugh* This all brings me to a comment I received today. The comment was on this post and it was from Tamara Lackey herself!! Do you know what her posting a comment means? It means that so many people clicked on that post that it showed up in her google analytics and she came to see what Go{4}Pro was – at least I think thats what it means? The irony is that it was this same post that left that one comment that snowballed into this post. I cried that day too, but it was the child in me crying – the one who felt alone and had experienced to much unfair cruelty in younger years. Never on that day, did I imagine Tamara herself leaving a comment!

And thats when I started to cry (the ‘in awe’ cry this time). I have received so many incredible emails from you guys – I can’t even express what they mean to me! You give me so much encouragement. it truly leaves me breathless! Seriously, your comments make me giddy, your passion and interest in Go{4}Pro puts me on the edge of my seat because I want to give you more! For a period of my life I was very alone, I mentioned once that I ate lunch in the bathroom but that was far from the largest of my heartaches. I felt very alone in a big and scary world. Starting as a photographer can leave you feeling that same way. I want Go{4}Pro to be that happy place where you don’t have to feel alone. Where encouragement, inspiration and dedication combine to lift and help improve your business and in turn our fantastic industry that I am so in love with. Do you want to know one of my biggest secrets? I want, “you have to check out Go{4}Pro” to be the first words any photographer says to an aspiring one! Oh wow. That would just be a.m.a.z.i.n.g. !!

Are you still reading this? If you are – wow and thank you for sticking with me! I guess I honestly mean that on a lot of levels. Thank you if this is the first post you’re reading or if you check in daily, thank you for taking the time and I hope you will share Go{4}Pro with others. This is my dream and I don’t believe dreams bloom with out nurturing from others!

I want to leave you with a reward for getting through this crazy long post (or maybe just for scrolling down! 😉 i LOVE checking the blogs of those who leave comments! You may have even had me comment back on your blog! When ever a comment touches me I like to know more about who it’s from!  One such time last week I was doing exactly that after reading a comment from Raquel of Remember When and when I saw these images… I was wowed! They were so fun to look at that I just wanted to show them off for Raquel! If you want to see the rest of this sneak peak from this session here is the link for the full post and make sure you leave some love behind for her!!

Thank you so much Raquel for letting me show off your beautiful images!


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