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Easter Fun Homework!

We all know what this Sunday is… and if you don’t I’ll give you a hint: It’s EASTER!  I know I’m not going to be the only one focusing on dyed egg shells, kids hunting for eggs, and snow outside dampening our spirits.  It snowed about a good foot last night and if you can’t tell, I’m ready to pull my hair out about it!  So shoot away and send us your homework assignment: Easter Fun, and we’ll post the pictures on MONDAY on Go{4}Pro or you can post your photo on our Flickr Group.  Happy Easter!!

HOW TO SUBMIT: Please send your picture via EMAIL with the subject line: EASTER FUN (Leah gets a lot of emails so it will be lost with out proper subject line)
Include ONE favorite watermarked Easter image with your name and website/blog to link your name and Easter image to.

We will have a guest judge and a fun little prize for the winner!



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