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Best of Etsy Newborn Props {Giveaway}

Thanks to last weeks fantastic guest post by Angela about the power of using props, I hope we can all agree that they do a lot for the art within our images! Newborns are of course no exception and probably one of my favorite subjects to include props with! It’s with those fun little extras that we as photographers can really set ourselves apart from the chain store image. When it comes to newborn props it’s all about keeping it fresh and unique and very often home made! That’s why I love Etsy so much! I’m always finding awesome unique things that I can use for my business and when it comes to newborn props, it happens to be my favorite place to shop! So I went to some of my very favorite vendors and asked them if they would like to be a part of newborn week and giveaway what I consider the best of Etsy Newborn Props to the Go{4}Pro readers! Lucky me and lucky you… They said yes and so I present to you our very first ‘Best of Etsy’!

1. The Audrey Vintage Headband by Banner Boutique

I am in love with these headbands, the vintage chicness is almost too much to handle and my moms go crazy when I pull it out! Headbands are so in and this one is the perfect alternative to the giant flower look.

2.  Baby Bean Pom Pom Hat by Captured Imagination

I have an arsenal of little newborn hats! Parents are always so excited to find out that these were not the parents but rather part of my collection. Another bonus to these is that no two are alike. This has been so helpful because no two baby’s heads are alike. One hat may fit Jonny at 4 days old perfect but be huge on Ella at 4 days old.

3.  Black and Brown Newspaper Newborn Headband by Jenni Darling

Again, headbands are huge right now for every age. This little nod to vintage newspaper headband will be a perfect addition because it’s coloring is so versatile. It will go with almost anything while adding just the right amount of sweet femininity!

4. Crochet Newborn Baby Stork Pouch by Bean Bailey

We’ve all seen the amazing images of the newborns in the stork pouch, now you can create those shots that leave your clients breathless! Even my first time parents who are usually much more reserved on what they want to try ask to do this!

5. Vintage Cowboy Alphabet Blocks by Chloes Couture

Boy props can be difficult to find while girl props are in abundance. That’s why I got so excited when I found these blocks. You can do some adorable shots using these honky tonk alphabet blocks to spell out baby’s name!

6. 18″ Doll Bed with Trundle by Foggy Forest Boutique

I love the little bed shots… Love, love, love! Trying to find the right bed was a little trickier. Until I came across Foggy Forest. I love that there are color options and that it comes with a trundle! I can’t wait for twins so I can put one on the top and one on the trundle! Plus you can have a little cushion made (I have one for both bed and trundle) to make it soft for baby. This prop can also come in handy for little girls and their dollies!

7. Chic Baby Rose Newborn Romper

You have to go look at her website. I love these rompers because they are totally unique and will definitely set your images apart from everyone else in your town. I’d never seen anything like them before and when I saw them I knew this was going to be a fun little accessory!

8. Petite Newborn Flower Headband

I love the petite headband! They are the perfect finishing touch to ensure that there is no confusion of gender. Plus they are just so feminine and … well pretty! I’ve been seeing them everywhere and for good reason. They are an adorable little accessory that can add the perfect final touch to your scene!

With a nice variety of newborn  props you can take the mundane and make it magical! I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve watched a client light up when they have mentioned a particular shot, assuming the prop belonged to the family only to find out that it’s mine and it’s available! Props are one more thing that helps build credibility! I know it might sound a little strange but think about it. When you go into any chain studio they have their (cheesy) prop set ups available to use and so clients associate such options with ‘professional’. But we have the opportunity to educate them and show them wonderful, non-cheesy props that are cleaned after every use (not sure the chains can say that) and are available to create truly unique and beautiful images that won’t be the same as all their friends. Well at least not until they start telling all their friends about you! So would you like a chance to win one of these fabulous props?


You are in luck! Each of these awesome Etsy Shops is giving away their product to one of our lucky readers. That means we will have a total of EIGHT winners at the end of the week! Want to know how to play? You have a few chances to win… but remember that ALL of them must be verified WITH A LINK in the comment field! No link means no win and also be sure that your website or blog has your contact information nice and clear, if it doesn’t – please leave your email in your comment!

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3. Let your photography friends know about this awesome week on your favorite forum. Please be respectful on the forums. If someone has already shared the awesome news, just leave a comment under that thread and link to the same thread!





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