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New Product at MCP Actions

Jodi at MCP Actions has just came out with some new products… Have you seen them? Now I’m big on being careful where your money goes. If we’re not careful, it’s easy to blow through thousands without batting an eyelash. If I’m going to spend money it has to DO something for me. Like make my photography better, make my business more profitable or give me more time… If it’s not doing something for me it’s probably not where I should be investing my money.

One thing that I thought could 1. give me more time and 2. help me sell more (so make me more profitable) are these Print it Boards. The print it boards are especially cool because you can do 2 things with one action. Create a Print it Board and you’ve got something great to sell to a client… but all you have to do is resize it for web and now you have an awesome blog it board. And you’re ready to post an awesome sneak peak! Pretty great, right?

It’s so important to look for anything that can streamline and simplify the process. With the Print it Boards, MCP Actions has definitely made that a piece of cake. And a really cool little feature is an action to resize boards for other sizes and add borders for canvas wraps! Now I can offer prints, canvas and I’ve blogged it to get them extra excited about it and get their friends commenting on how awesome those images look!



  1. Heidi Lawson says:

    Fun action set, huh?! Think of me when you read the pdf instruction sheet :). I was one of the testers for the action set and Jodi hired me to write all the pop up instructions as the action runs as well as write the PDF that comes along with the set. It was very fun to have a little moment of fame :).

  2. Spanki Mills says:

    ha heidi…me too! she asked to use some of my images for the set! i got my sharpee ready for signing once i hit it BIG because of my debut! 😉

    they are really awesome tools to help us manage our time! thanks jodi!

    • Leah Remillet says:

      I saw yours too Spanki… And I was definitely wondering if I could get autographs from both of you! Do you have your sharpee on hand?

  3. Kathy says:

    These are so awesome! Just gorgeous!

  4. Erin says:

    Ok, this helped me decide big time! Especially the part where I can resize them and use them for the web, ahh! Thank you:)

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