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Coupon for GetUncommon & the iPhone Templates

I got a heads up that GetUncommon is having a sale on their iPhone Cases! Use the coupon Code ‘ Fall2011 ‘ and get $10 off. I decided I liked it so much that I would match it so if you’ve been eyeing the iPhone Templates, this is the day to get them because you’ll get $10 off with the coupon code ‘ Go4Fall ‘

I love these iPhone Cases because they are such an awesome way to get my clients talking! Everyone is always commenting on them, {cause they are awesome you know} and then the client says, ‘My awesome photographer does these’ Now that’s just plain great Marketing!

BTW – The iPhone Collection Templates fit the 3, 4 and touch cases! 


ALSO… If you haven’t reserved your spot for the Go{4}Clients Web Event you need to!

If you’re ready to take your business and marketing to the next level without spending more, if you’re ready to get clients who actually value what you offer, if you’re ready to get clients who don’t think that an 11×14 is just rediculously huge, if you’re ready to not wonder when or if the phone will ring again then you are ready for this web event! Whether you want one client a week or 10, I’ll show you how to make it so that every client that books is now your target client! Make sure you register today! You’ll still get to use the $100 Coupon Code but only till tomorrow! — USE COUPON CODE ‘ GO4CLIENTS’ AND GET $100 OFF!! 

Choose Friday, September 16th or Tuesday, September 20th! You’ll be soooo glad you did it! { Promise!! }

So to recap… If you’ve been eyeing the iPhone templates, today is a great day to snag em’. If you haven’t registered for the Go{4}Clients Web Event… you should!! And if you happen to find a super cool vintage ornate from here is a really awesome idea for using it.

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  1. holly anne says:

    i’ve seen that frame before! it’s actually made out of cardboard!

    i wish i knew someone with an iphone so i could try out those cases, they don’t seem to be very popular around my area.

you said:

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