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Free Christmas Card Template for Photoshop

Facebook Freebie Unlocked!

It’s Here! The next 48 hour freebie is HERE for you to download and enjoy! I hope you enjoy these spunky Holiday Cards!! It’s my way of saying thank you AND I’ve already made your next freebie too! When we hit 6K fans, you’re getting iPhone Cases!! Are you excited??

I think it would be pretty sweet if we activated the iPhone Template download right after the Holiday Card download but in order to make that happen, you have to help me spread the word!

Here’s how to get the next download faster:

1.There is a share button on the tab. Click that and spread the news on your wall!

2. Are we twitter pals? Follow me on Twitter and update your status to something like this: @Go4ProPhotos has a sweet FREE DOWNLOAD on their Facebook Page for Christmas Card Templates!

3. You know your favorite forum? Well go take a moment and create a new thread and be the first to give your photoBFF’s the scoop! They and I will really appreciate it!



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