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Wife, mom to 4 and lacked balance… Now she’s THRIVING!



A couple of months ago, the word “thriving” would have never entered my mind if someone had asked me to describe my business.  While my photography skills were improving, I was struggling to put all the pieces together…..my prices, my website, marketing, etc.


I am a wife and mama to four boys, and I didn’t know how to balance it all.   I was overwhelmed with all the information available on the internet.  I felt like I was throwing a ton of stuff against the wall just to see what would stick.

I was a fan of Go4Pro, and I kept reading about The Thriving Photographer™.  When I finally decided to purchase it and I watched the very first video of Leah, and how encouraging she was, I knew I had made the right decision.
I now have clear goals, a clear direction, and the confidence to charge what I know I’m worth.  I am also part of a talented group (Leah calls it, “the secret club”) of thriving photographers who are knowledgable and helpful, and I consider them my friends.
Thank you, Leah, for all the hard work that went into this, and for helping me to THRIVE!!!




  1. Morgan says:

    I love seeing all of these success stories! You really can have a great business and a great life! You are so awesome Erin!

    • I couldn’t agree more Morgan! And I love that you all come from different situations and at different stages and yet you are each finding your thrive! It’s awesome!

you said:

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