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Building Balance for work, home & life

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The kids are back in school and let’s just be honest…we’re all just a tiny bit relieved because now you can get back to routine, now you can work to get things in balance. 

But HOW? If you’re feeling like things weren’t so hot last year or that you’re not sure where to start OR you just want to make things even easier for yourself and reduce stress then I’d love to share with you! 

MY FREE TRAINING WEBINAR, BUILDING BALANCE IS BACK & this time I’m going to add in a little extra on how I start the school year off right! 


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 –  How to let go of perfection and re-frame your perception.

– The truth about my breaking point and how I dug my way out of guilt and exhaustion.

– The exact steps that gave me my life back and (to my surprise) increased my income!

– Dozens of simple-to-start ideas that can give you big results.

– Leah’s favorite five books on balance and growth.

– The biggest mistakes that keep us from balance and how to avoid them.

– The key to staying balanced (it may surprise you!).

– How I’ve built our families’ school year schedule.

– My favorite strategies for creating a happy marriage & home life.

PLUS YOU’LL GET THE INSTANT QUICK START GUIDE DOWNLOAD!  Did I tell you about that!?!  You may not feel like you can even wait till Thursday to start taking back control of your life, so I’ve created something to get you started immediately! As soon as you click to register, you’ll get access to the THE QUICK START GUIDE TO BUILDING BALANCE!


Thursday, September 11th 11am PT / 2pm ET (Click for your time zone)



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