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Instagram at a Glance – September


With fall comes new. Normally it’s the new school year with new teachers for the kiddos, switching out the summer clothes for sweaters… And iced drinks for cute mugs of hot chocolate.

For us, there were all kinds of changes too, but we’ve never been very conventional.

The kids officially started homeschool. Which is really more world-school as this year is all about learning as we explore. We surprised everyone (especially ourselves) and after leaving the UK, headed home to Seattle for the first few weeks of September. It was so good to see family and friends, we even made a little trip to Portland to spend a couple days with bosom friends (who made sure to make me my favorite cookie dough). After our surprise Seattle stop, we’ve headed back on the road (or plane in this case!). With our longest flight yet, 14 hours) – we headed for Hong Kong.

For the LRI team, September was spent working on a new brand, new shop, and site revamps along with a special surprise we are excited to share with all of our readers and newsletter subscribers (so make sure you’re signed up for our newsletters!).

Septemer was still a month of new starts in our home and at LRI… And as fun as new starts are, I’m even more excited to turn a few of them into completed projects!

As always, come be part of the adventures! Follow @leahremillet on Instagram and if you want to follow our families world travels this year, follow @abraodernest.



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