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New Training: Photography Success Unlocked

LIVE: Will you join me? Let’s talk about your success!

You know success is possible. You’ve seen plenty of photographers who are killing it, but how are they doing it? Can it be duplicated and do you live in the right demographic, city or country to experience your own success?
I believe that you absolutely can build a profitable business on your terms, for your goals and your lifestyle – and it can happen much quicker than you might think! With the right tools and the right strategies in place, you can scale your business for your lifestyle goals!

This is a topic I am hugely passionate about because I see too many amazing women who are burnt out, underpaid, overworked and beyond discouraged. Their relationships are suffering, their health is suffering, their confidence is suffering. I get it! I was there once too, but we don’t have to stay there.

Between 2007 and 2009, I was blessed enough to figure out the secret to low hours, high sales and running an organized little photography business that started helping my family instead of hindering us. I didn’t always have it figured out. I made lots and lots of mistakes, but I was determined to get it right. I was determined to unlock the secrets to success. But I don’t want it to be a secret! I want you to know exactly how I did it!

Join us as we unlock photography success for your business! 

We will be talking about:
– Leah’s Story – From Shoot & Burn to Thriving
– Brand Perception & Consistency
– Pricing & Collections
– Marketing to Reach Your Dream Clients
– Systems & Outsourcing
– How to take what we talk about to the next level!

Make sure you join us live! You don’t want to miss this!

LIVE: FRIDAY, Nov. 18th at 10am PT/1pm ET



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