business organized + Optimized before Thanksgiving!

wouldn't it feel

to have your

The Balanced Biz
3-Month Mastermind... 

The Balanced Biz 3-Month Mastermind... 

Next Mastermind: January 2024

will get you organized

give you one-on-one support

starts in September!

You love your business, but it's bleeding into everything

here's the problem...

and your home, health, and family are feeling it.

When I started my business, my focus was on one thing - making money. It never dawned on me that I should have systems and automations in place for when clients did start coming in. It didn't take long to see that what I'd dreamed of was feeling more like a nightmare. If you can relate, I want to help you optimize and organize your biz in just 3 months! We're going to give you your bliss back!

for women-preneurs who are ready to blaze a better path!

Balanced Biz Mastermind

You want to build an incredible business & be a great mom...

Why is this so hard?

is that too much to hope for?

You love what you're doing, but the honest truth is... Your family isn't loving it so much. To them it seems like your business always wins and they want you back. For you, it's a never ending guilt tug-of-war.

I want to help you restructure your business, recover lost time, and reclaim focus for what matters (both for your business goals and your family). You don't have to do this alone, I want to be your partner - ready to show you a better way!

3 Month Mastermind to
organizing + optimize your business

Balanced Biz Mastermind

In just three months, you can reclaim your time, boost your confidence, and truly balance the busy.

3-Month Mastermind

Next Mastermind starts in January 2024

This is step-by-step systems for growth in all areas of your business! You'll have access to all 24 courses, divided into 4 tracks: time, money, reach, visibility!

My Entire
Course Library


Custom themes with open conversations + Q&A. This is about growth, networking + community, all happening simultaneously!

Monthly Mastermind Calls


We can implement, strategize, plan, create... you + me = WOW!! You'll have a private link to book calls when you need them!

6 Private Coaching Calls


here's what You Get

The incredible bonuses, including 2 extra months of on-demand course access, a ChatGPT masterclass & my daily planner, annual marketing calendar and more!

The Bonuses are HUGE!


We are not meant to do this alone and we're less effective when we try! Build new relationships with an intimate community of women with diverse experiences but the same goal: balanced growth!

Community & Networking


You will NOT do this alone! One more way is with our set days and hours where you can jump into a live zoom with Leah to get immediate help!

Implementation Hours


You struggle with boundaries, partly because you're not sure what you should/shouldn't say yes to, so you say yes everywhere

You fantasize daily about having a little more free time. You constantly think that next month will get better, but it never does

You're not sure where you should focus so you end up doing too many things and you're not even sure if they're the right things

You've tried it on your own but clearly it didn't fully work because you're still looking for answers

You know you and your family deserve better because while you love what you do, you love them more and you don't want them to ever question that

Let me know if this sounds familiar...

the problem


Have questions?

What if I can't make a group Call?

Do I have access to Leah?

I’m so unorganized—is this really doable? 

Who is this mastermind best for?

An organized and optimized business before you get fully into the holidays and the new year. 

Another set of eyes! You don't have to make every decision alone, run them by me and I'll help you decide! 

Happier Home Life! Let me help you remove the stress you feel between your business and family priorities.

Community! We do better together! You know the saying, "your top 5 people..." Yours are about to uplevel you!

Tranformation! 3 months from now you can either be right about where you are now, or you can tranform!

This is what you’ll miss by not enrolling right now:

still on the fence?

In just three months, you can reclaim your time, boost your confidence, and truly balance the busy.

3-Month Mastermind

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Mastermind (Sept - November)
6 Private Coaching Calls with Leah
Monthly Mastermind Calls
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The Balanced Biz 3-Mo Mastermind with Leah Remillet

Let's get your life & Business in balance!

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