Simple Solutions for Keeping the Photographer Organized

Is there anyone who can honestly say they don’t feel at least a tinge of jealousy and Martha’s incredibly organized style? I feel my complexion turning a lovely shade resembling brussel sprouts when I envision perfect little spaces to hold perfectly organized items that are finished with perfectly adorable labels that just happen to be […]

I’ve received your questions from our first post Introduction to Pricing for Profit and I’m writing Part II to offer clarification for the % to your COGS (Cost of Good Sold). Thanks to the fantastic Mobile Fotographer*, I have a visual for you! So here you go… There are a lot of factors that go […]

How much should I mark up my COGS? – Pricing for Profit Intro II

Lucky for me, I still have my sweet friend and no doubt our weekly and sometimes daily conversation will still take place but I’m sad to announce that Noelle will no longer be writing for Go{4}Pro. She’s just getting to busy for it all. So here is your chance to tell Noelle thank you for all […]

Go{4}Pro Will Miss You Noelle

There are so many different photo labs to chose from and when first starting you can feel overwhelmed when it comes to choosing labs.  Here are a couple of different tips to help you make the right choice for you! 1.  Test prints.  Every lab gives free test prints.  Try them all and see which […]

Which lab is best for you?

I’m getting a little personal here.  Today my hubby and I were talking about “home.”  Home is where your heart is, yada, yada, yada.  Well then our hearts are not with us in Utah.  We left them in Hawaii and whenever we talk about “home” we get homesick.  I guess I should say Hawaiisick.  I […]

The basics #4: Backgrounds

I recently stumbled on a blog and as I skimmed over the first sentence I just automatically finished it in my head. Do you ever do that? Someone is talking and you begin to answer because you’re sure you know what they were going to say or ask and suddenly you find yourself wanting to […]

The best piece of equipment.

With summer just around the corner there’s going to be a lot going on under the bright sun.  To ensure you’re always properly exposing those sunny shots remember the Sunny 16 Rule.  With the sunny 16 Rule you’ll never need to carry around a light meter.  When the sun is at its harshest set your […]

The Sunny 16 Rule

This Wednesday’s video is not a lengthy one but it does have great content all the same! They mention the triangle in this video (the triangle is huge!!) if you are not familiar with this, here is a post about it.

Balance within a Photo – Video

I have to say that I am so excited with the amount of feedback we’ve been getting and Leah and I are pumped in taking that next step to getting certified.  I sat back while reading the comments yesterday and I thought I should give my two cents now.  When I first heard about the […]

Photography Q&A

My face was buried in my hands as I stood in my bedroom.

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