How to Install a Zoom Background and 10 Free Virtual Backgrounds

We’re all working from home, schooling from home and well, that makes a whole lot more messes at home. So, this one is for everyone, who like me, is tired of the mad-dash to clear the mess in the background because you need to jump on another Zoom call! I’ve got 10 perfect virtual backgrounds […]

I’ve put together all of our monthly desktop organizers and brought them into one free download! Pick your favorite wallpaper, set it as your desktop wallpaper, and then watch our quick video tutorial to get the most of this free tool! I use to create these every month, I can’t quite remember why I stopped? […]

Free Desktop Wallpaper Organizers

Free Desktop Wallpaper Organizer for Creative Entrepreneur

Yesterday, we carried up my son’s desk and moved it into the office beside my desk because my husband is now working from home too. Our kids are all here as well. The activities, the sports, the trips, the school – just like for many of you, it’s all canceled. And we’re all learning to […]

\The CEO Kid Leadership Activity Lessons are Free

The very definition of a breakthrough is a sudden, dramatic, and important discovery – an instance of achieving success. Isn’t that what we’re all after? At least I hope we are! To learn, and grown, and become more! I shared last week that I would be teaching a **free** masterclass on how to 4x your goals (all of them […]

New Masterclass: The (Productivity) Breakthrough

We got our December Desktop Download out to our Insider Newsletter List and I was so inspired by the amazing art by Patricia of TheMagicHappens that I created two printable art downloads for you!      Click Here to Snag Your Holiday Prints!

Free Christmas Printable Art

Super excited to have collaborated with Whitton & White for this month’s Desktop Organizer! But first… As a culture, we’ve gotten so used to doing too many things at once to the point that we seem to be forgetting how to be ‘all in’. How often do we share only a portion of ourselves? And […]

Your Best Self + Free Print & Desktop Organizer

We are super excited for this month’s wallpaper desktop organizer – because really, who doesn’t crave a little more adventure for the soul?! We hope you love it too! Just CLICK TO DOWNLOAD YOURS I’ll instantly send over your FREE Desktop Organizer with both the August 2017 Calendar version and the non-calender option (see above) […]

Free Desktop Wallpaper Organizer

  Two things I love… watercolor (even though I personally have basically zero talent for it) and flamingos. The Flamingo is such a majestic beautiful creature! It’s a dream of mine to see them in their natural environment one day! This month as we go into the middle of summer here in the states, I […]

Flamingo Desktop Wallpaper Organizer & Flamingo Printable

In this ALL NEW <FREE> WEBINAR TRAINING; Leah will give you an inside look at what’s happens inside Thriving Photography Businesses that takes them from low sales (average of $200) to upwards of $2,000. Oh! And that’s NOT for weddings, that’s as portrait photographers. Leah Remillét has mentored over 3K aspiring and professional photographer and now […]

New Training: Inside Thriving Photography Businesses

My face was buried in my hands as I stood in my bedroom.

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Stats from our Social Media Detox Findings, plus Strategies for Better Habits

Still my most pinned post of all time! Check out my gold, pink, and white office reveal.

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