Why ADHD & Dyslexia are Advantages (NOT disabilities)

I got an email from a mama in tears. I could instantly feel her heartache as she shared about her son and his experience with ADHD. Her email was in response to this post/newsletter on why I fail so well. I sited my dyslexia as a reason why you will inevitably find many typos and […]

What do you need right now? If I’ve learned anything, it’s that we all need something. Maybe you need to hear some validation? Or you need clarity on what direction you should be going? Maybe you need an answer on how you’re going to cover rent or if this dream is worth fighting for. Maybe, you just really need someone to […]

Would YOU open the gift? (not that one!!)

This year Taylor got the idea that he really wanted to host a New Year’s Eve Party, but not just any NYE shindig. He wanted Black Tie, disco balls, and a champagne fountain (only in our case sparkling cider). Now that the final countdown is on to bring our party to fruition, I thought it would […]

Black Tie New Years Eve Party Planning

Today, I’m sharing our third of the four stylized sessions from The Thriving Photographer – Florida Retreat.  (See session 1 here and 2 here). This is the one that I was most excited for… I had this vision that had been inspired from a Kate Spade ad (I am obsessed with Kate Spade) that I’d […]

The Thriving Photographer Retreat | Children’s Pool Party Stylized Session

Here is our second of four stylized shoots from The Thriving Photographer Retreat – Florida!  It is so much fun getting to show off the talent of my amazing thrivers! We had the time of our lives!  For a complete list of all the photographer’s featured in this post, see the bottom of this posting. […]

The Thriving Photographer Retreat | Stylized Session | Joyfolie

You just can’t put 20 photographers together for 4 days and not end up with some amazing images!  We had boudoir sessions taking place in hallways, impromptu posing classes and a whole lot of fun playing with settings. As part of the Florida Thrive Retreat, I put together 4 stylized sessions, and over the next […]

Senior Stylized Shoot – The Thriving Photographer Retreat

I’ve found myself on this edge so many times.  It could be really great below, it could be… but what if it isn’t?  My heart wanted to believe that it was… But I just couldn’t know for sure.  There was no guarantee, there was no proof.  There was hope in my heart and determination in my spirit.  So… I […]

Jump already

Getting out of your comfort zone is hard…. That’s exactly why we say, “out of comfort” – as in UN-comfortable.  So it makes sense why so many stay where it feels safe… But this is such a dangerous trap!  Growth, at it’s best… Happens when we get uncomfortable.  The most amazing experiences of my life […]

Photography Workshop Retreat does the Harlem Shake

  In last week’s episode, I shared why you may not be getting the amount of referrals you want… and how to fix it.  This week, I’m sharing exactly what I do in my own business to create that extra wow factor. This is my  personal Top 10 list for creating the wow factor for my […]

My Top 10 Steps I use to Wow Portrait Clients

My face was buried in my hands as I stood in my bedroom.

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