Making ‘Clean’ Part of Your Routine with Clean Mama

I’ll be the first to admit it…I am not naturally tidy! But I so love having a clean house. This is sort of the equivalent of fire and ice. The fire kicks in and the house get cleans, but inevitably the ice returns, and there’s a puddle on the floor that needs mopping. That’s why I […]

What was it that drew me into photography in the first place? If I try really hard to find the truth, I think ultimately it was the dream of making their life…my own. Images have the power to bring us to a different place, a different world even, if for a moment we get to be […]

Styling Product Photography with Shay Cochrane

I am so excited to share with you, my interview with you  Amanda Holloway! We are talking all about how she built a high-end Senior brand and business and she’s giving us a tour of her amazing studio! You do NOT want to miss this one! But first, if you’ll indulge me, I’ll tell you the story of […]

Building a Luxe Senior Photography Brand with Amanda Holloway

Each Wednesday, I’m featuring one of my fabulous fellow co-teachers for The Luxe Workshops. This week I get to feature my dear, dear friend,  Brittney Kluse! And let me just tell you…she’s as fun, kind, down-to-earth and is just plain delightful as she seems! I love this girl!! Today Brittney is sharing her personal top 3 tips, tricks and […]

Top Tips, Tricks & Tools – Featuring Brittney Kluse

Have you ever wondered how much time it really takes to create some of those amazing shots we all pin onto Pinterest?  Or how about if it’s even worth what seems to be a whole lot’a work… And if it is worth it, how do you make it worth it?  If so, you’re gonna love  today’s episode!  Heidi […]

How to Create Custom Sets and Backdrops with Heidi Hope

LAST CHANCE TO GET IN ON THE JANUARY MONTHLY GIVEAWAY – WHICH HAPPENS TO BE MY WHOLE SHOP! Today’s post is really fun because I get to introduce you to Charlene! And why is that so awesome… Because I believe that Charlene truly embodies what Go{4}Pro is all about! Charlene and I met two years […]

Inspiration to Thrive… Charlene Hardy Style!

Happy Friday everyone! I’m literally on my way out the door to head for a weekend in Seattle and I realized that I forgot to write my intro! Oy! So sorry Meg – you’re just too fabulous to not have an intro…. So today I am really excited to get to welcome the beautiful Meg […]

Inspire Me Interview #23} Meg Borders

Today I am thrilled to introduce you to the incredibly talented Sue Bryce of Sydney, Australia. I had the pleasure of hearing Sue speak at WPPI last year and her presentation was the absolute highlight of the entire convention for me! If you ever have a chance to hear her speak… Go to whatever lengths you […]

Inspire Me Interview #22} Sue Bryce

I get a lot of emails asking business questions and every time one says something along the lines of ‘I’ve only been doing this for a year…” I cringe a little – only a tiny little bit and let me explain why. Sometimes I read it and I think, ‘oh awesome’ and other times when […]

Inspire Me Friday Interview #21} McClanhan Studio

My face was buried in my hands as I stood in my bedroom.

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