10 Fab Vendors for Photographers

This year we just had to much going on, I had already done a bit of solo traveling – plus two of my own besties both decided to go have babies right before WPPI (congrats to Carrie and Kelli) so that sealed the deal for staying home this year. …But lucky for us, Brittany Kluse […]

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 When my oldest sister first got her driver’s license, my three sisters and I used to try to get lost. We thought it sounded so fun and adventurous. We would give Kristin (my oldest sister) all kinds of direction, “left, right, right, left, right”. …Most of the time though, we just ended up driving in […]

Following the Map to Profit & Success!

January 13, 2012

I’m in process of taking on a HUGE project! It’s something that I am so passionate about and excited to offer to you. The challenge of creating it and  getting it to the point where I can actually share it with you is a little daunting. But this is important. It can change lives and […]

How to make your dream REALLY happen in under 300 words!

January 9, 2012

Are there any of us who aren’t hoping to make this year better than last? Any who don’t plan, resolve and dream of reaching for more, being more and enjoying more… And wouldn’t you say it’s true that at this time, more than any other, we are aware that maybe it really is possible? So […]

5 Tips to a Better Business in 2012

January 2, 2012

The Client Email Correspondence Scripts for Photographers can improve your email response time by 98% (okay we totally made that number up) but there really is some merit to what we’re saying. Instead of trying to come up with what to say each and every time your email box dings, you will now have lovely […]

Client Email Correspondence Scripts for Photographers

December 14, 2011

Question: My main concern seems to be with new clients trying to book so late in the season. As photographers we think about Christmas way back in September; however, most people don’t start thinking about Christmas until after Halloween has passed. I try to shut down sessions on November 1 in order to have enough […]

Handling the Holidays Q&A

November 15, 2011

The Holidays are officially upon us! For me, it never seems weird to see Christmas decor coming out at the same time as Halloween decor because I’m already well into gearing up and planning for Christmas mini shoots, the Holiday Cards and creating my deadline calendar. As photographers, we have to be one of the […]

How to Handle the Holidays with Awesome Sauce

November 14, 2011

Go{4}Pro is currently looking for submissions for a new product that we are getting ready to debut; Email Scripts for Photographers! I have over 15 Auto Signatures set up in my email box for Leah Remillet Photography. Each response has been created to help me streamline my workflow and to ensure that I never forget […]

A New Contest! Do you have the right words?

November 9, 2011

Your blog should not be all about you and my blog(s) should not be all about me. I know that seems almost antithetical to what we think of as a blog but… The intention of a blog is to captivate it’s reader so that they will want to come back again and again, therefore a successful […]

3 Tips to a Better Blog

November 2, 2011

I realized last year that I was starting to miss things because photography was taking over my life, brain, and energy. Kids are only young once so you have to find systems that help cut your time so that you can spend that time with your family. My son once said to me, “Mom, why […]

10.5 Ways to Streamline your Workflow!

October 24, 2011

My face was buried in my hands as I stood in my bedroom.

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