Book Keeping 101 for Creatives

  If you’ve been neglecting your financial books (or you don’t even have financial books), you are not alone.  Most small business owners (and even more creative small business owners) don’t give their bookkeeping efforts much thought, 0r they think about them but then quickly push that thought out in place of something more fun and pretty […]

  Dear Photography Friends, One of my favorite things is to prove you wrong. Hmm… that didn’t come out right at all! What I mean is that I constantly see photographers believing that they just don’t have it in them to truly be successful! But here’s the thing, almost every photographer I’ve worked with had […]

NEW WEBINAR: 5 Proven Tricks to Get More Clients and Increase Sales

Have you ever wished you didn’t have to deal with the money side of your business? If you’re a creative, and you’re nodding your head yes… you are not alone. The money side scares a lot of people, and yet it’s those denaros that make your business…well…. a business. Without an exchange of funds, you’re just a […]

3 Pricing Mistakes that Most Photographers Make

You would like it if owning your own business was actually synonymous with making a good income.  I mean, isn’t that why  people start businesses in the first place?  To set their own rules, build their own dreams, and make more money?!  But herein lies the problem:   You know you’re not charging enough…    You know […]

How to know what you’re work is really worth

You will be enchanted by this busy mom, who was about to go on maternity leave from her photography business when she decided to embark on her journey with The Thriving Photographer™. Nadine  (Fotos by Nadine) is from Woodbridge, VA.  She’s restructured her pricing and followed the “thrive recipe” for her collections and is now making more […]

Photography Business Success as a Click’n Mom

Okay, so I absolutely hated hearing my clients always ask me for “the disc.” They never saw the possibilities of what we could create; all they were interested in was that stupid, shiny round thing. BUT I HAD MORE TO OFFER!! I wanted them to see that! I wanted them to see how much more attractive a canvas cluster […]

From Disc to This… Change your clients’ minds forever!

  The Thriving Photographer™ is continuing to change not only businesses, but also lives…  And it’s happening all over the world!  Read this awesome email I received this weekend from Nicky Martin of Melbourne, Australia! After trying everything else out there, Nicky decided to bite the bullet and follow the recommendation from a friend on […]

When the other products don’t live up to their hype…

This is such a great question!  I’m really glad you asked it, because I have no doubts that there are lots of people who have felt exactly like you do, Pamela!! First, let’s just be super clear about why cancellations are such a big problem.  Each session scheduled is an opportunity for revenue.  Based on how […]

How to Stop Clients from Last-Minute Cancellations

You may feel like that title is an impossible feat, even worth laughing at. But I don’t! I know it’s possible and I know exactly how to make it happen! It’s all there – inside – The Thriving Photographer™!   Can The Thriving Photographer™ help you? Can it bring increase your sales? Can it give […]

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