How to Outsource Your Editing

I use to think that I had to do everything myself and it literally took an ambulance to convince me to change.  It was inside that ambulance that I realized I had to stop trying to do it all myself. I had to stop pretending that no one else could do these tasks and so, no […]

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I set out to create a business training program that would transform lives.  I knew it was possible because the same strategies that I teach in The Thriving Photographer™, first transformed my own life.  Today, Arizona based Family Photographer Christine Mosby is sharing her story!  This is what she said when she sent me this […]

A Photography Biz Success Story

February 19, 2014

Today as you read this, my hubby and I are traveling through the Mexican Riviera and the view was so breathtaking that I just knew, I had to film a quick video for you.  One of the reasons for agreeing to this trip, (besides getting to use my Kate Spade passport) despite the fact that planning […]

Why you’re not performing at the level you could be

February 14, 2014

I am so excited to have my special guest and awesome friend Laura Winslow with me for this weeks episode of video Friday!  Laura has been rocking the photography blogging world for years now and that means she has some great insights that I wanted to expose!  Luckily, I know my friend loves to help other […]

How to Create a Blog worth Following with Laura Winslow

January 31, 2014

You know that thing…the one you bought because you thought you had to have it?  The one it turns out you’ve never really used?  Yeah, I’ve got them too! There’s that light meter I never learned how to properly use. The CD of actions I bought the first time I went to WPPI that I’ve still never […]

The over spender’s guide to business spending

November 22, 2013

“I WAS SITTING AT MY COMPUTER ONE NIGHT AND I JUST LOST IT…I REALIZED I HATED MY PHOTOGRAPHY BUSINESS!” My amazing guest, Jean Smith shares her personal journey to profit, balance and getting her life back!  Oh yeah, it’s that good!  I absolutely adore Jean! We met last year at Chic Retreat where we were […]

The Secret to Work/Life Balance with Jean Smith

November 15, 2013

I love this topic…but you might hate this topic…  But like it or not, the about me page is one of the most important pages on your entire website. This is the page they click on when they’re starting to really consider hiring you. This is where they go when they are trying to decide if they […]

The Most Important Elements of a GREAT About Me Page

November 8, 2013

My purpose as an entrepreneur is to help women realize that they can be confident and successful business owners – on their terms – with their lifestyle in mind.   I know how successful we can be, I’ve seen it in the lives of hundreds and hundreds of beautiful women, from home-schooling stay-at-home moms to […]

From Quitting to Thriving – This is Denise’s Story

October 30, 2013

It’s not that building a senior model rep program is so hard…it’s more that there are a ton of rookie mistakes that are made (so don’t beat yourself up if you’ve made a few!). Both Leslie, the creator of Seniorologie and I will admit to making a lot of them in today’s episode. We will […]

How to Build a Senior Model Rep Program

September 27, 2013

I use to be passively productive. What I mean by that is that I’d have these great intentions every day, but somehow, somewhere, in the mix of laundry, piled dishes and email inboxes… I would lose my way. I can remember  how my heart would sink when my hubby would walk in the door after […]

How I Get So Much Done Every Day

September 6, 2013

My face was buried in my hands as I stood in my bedroom.

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