How to Build a Senior Model Rep Program

It’s not that building a senior model rep program is so hard…it’s more that there are a ton of rookie mistakes that are made (so don’t beat yourself up if you’ve made a few!). Both Leslie, the creator of Seniorologie and I will admit to making a lot of them in today’s episode. We will […]

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I use to be passively productive. What I mean by that is that I’d have these great intentions every day, but somehow, somewhere, in the mix of laundry, piled dishes and email inboxes… I would lose my way. I can remember  how my heart would sink when my hubby would walk in the door after […]

How I Get So Much Done Every Day

September 6, 2013

.“When should I get a bookkeeper, accountant or C.P.A. for my business?”  “What’s the difference between them?”  “How do I decide which one is best for me?”  “How do I go about hiring a bookkeeper, accountant or C.P.A.?”  “What questions should I be asking them?” “Will they laugh at me for being so clueless?” There […]

How to interview an accountant, know if you need one and the 10 questions you should ask.

August 16, 2013

“LIGHT BULB!”  You’ve got a new bright idea, so you jump on it like Gru jumped on his “freeze ray.” And you don’t mess around, either!  When you’ve got an idea, you’re all in… fully enthralled, fully engaged, fully committed.  UNTIL…  A NEW LIGHT BULB GOES OFF.  Now you’re fully enthralled, fully engaged and fully […]

How to get stuff done! And 7 Strategies to keep getting stuff done.

August 2, 2013

You would like it if owning your own business was actually synonymous with making a good income.  I mean, isn’t that why  people start businesses in the first place?  To set their own rules, build their own dreams, and make more money?!  But herein lies the problem:   You know you’re not charging enough…    You know […]

How to know what you’re work is really worth

June 14, 2013

I started with a dream… It was not to be a rapper. When I created The Thriving Photographer™, I poured my heart into it.  I created Thrive with the sole purpose of wanting to show other photographers just how successful they really could be.  But I wanted to establish a business model that was different […]

The Thriver’s Workshop Rap Video – Started from the Bottom

June 12, 2013

Have you ever wondered how much time it really takes to create some of those amazing shots we all pin onto Pinterest?  Or how about if it’s even worth what seems to be a whole lot’a work… And if it is worth it, how do you make it worth it?  If so, you’re gonna love  today’s episode!  Heidi […]

How to Create Custom Sets and Backdrops with Heidi Hope

May 31, 2013

The difference is in the details.  I’m sure you’ve heard that before. But have you begun to understand that these details mean a difference of potentially thousands of dollars spent by each new client you book? And for that matter, being able to book them in the first place!  It’s in these details that an […]

5 Easy Tips to Book More Weddings (& Charge More)

May 24, 2013

I couldn’t figure it out…   I really wanted to be a professional photographer, but how can you be a professional photographer if you have no clients?  I couldn’t figure it out… I knew I had to raise my prices, but the clients I had weren’t willing to pay my new rates. I couldn’t figure […]

Marketing Your Photography Business

May 17, 2013

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