An Intimate Retreat, Plus 3 months of Private and Mastermind coaching to help you realign and claim time-freedom.

The Balance Retreat
For 6 & 7 Figure Earners who want more balance


Leah Remillét

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I woke up being lifted into an ambulance. I had completely blacked out. The first year I reached multi 6-figures felt nothing like I'd imagined. It felt... horrible.

I was over worked, overwhelmed and exhausted.

Foolishly, I convinced myself I didn't have time to find a better way. I just kept hustling until one day, I collapsed. My 5 year old stood clutching the stroller that carried her two younger siblings as the ambulance drove me away. That day still hurts.

I needed to learn how to control my business instead of it controlling me.

I had subscribed to the "hustle till you drop" mantra — well, I literally dropped. No more! But since I was also our primary breadwinner, I couldn't lose any income. That meant systems, organization, and funnels.

The results were life changing! I cut my hours to part-time, kept every penny of my income (in fact, it grew!!!), and I became the mom and wife I was meant to be.  

Whether you want greater financial security, more time for the people you love (or both!), you're in the right place!

I almost lost it all

Imagine a balance retreat just for you. In the months following, you Look at your calendar and see a date night, family time, a vacation with girlfriends. 

There is so much to do.

So you try to give more...

You Get up earlier.
Give up your gym time.
try to squeeze a few minutes of work during movie night, or the kids' game.

But now, your family feels it.

And, instead of catching up,
you feel even more out of control.

We found a better way and it's amazing!

This is for women who know They deserve better (and so does their fam).

Are You ready to claim Better?

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Time for what matters most


Systems that allow you to be present


Greater Connection With Your Family


A Randall+Beth Kind of Marriage 


A Coach to Help you Fix the Frustrating & A Breakthrough to Fulfillment. 


how would it feel to have...

" For the first time ever, my business isn't taking over my life! Now, I take Fridays off!" 😍

What you really want is this...

"My business has transformed. I'm having fun again. My family isn't resentful and my clients are better than ever."

"Why did I do it the hard way for so long? My only regret is that I didn't trust myself enough to have done it sooner."

"I was so scared that getting balance would mean losing out on opportunities. it hasn't"

"Wow! I've gotten more done in 3 months than I had in the last 2 years! 💗 This feels incredible."

"I feel so supported. This Mastermind has connected me with women that are my dream-squad."

Here's what you get

With my proven system we will retrain your business from the inside out to give you more time and space for what matters most. Be prepared to shock your family with how much you're around!


Each retreat is hosted at an incredible destination in a gorgeous homes where we can all be together! Enjoy three days of connection, planning, mindset work, and relaxing. Walk away with a sisterhood of support to conquer it all. 

the balance retreat

My goal is to have you feel so supported, it's like you're in a wonder-bra. You'll get 3 private coaching calls, PLUS group coaching and masterminding. This is your turn to be taken care of!

coaching + mastermind

3-Day Mastermind Retreat 

Small Group Mastermind with Monthly Check-in Calls

A Tight-Knit Community of women who fully get you!

3 Months Of Private Coaching

Leah's proven frameworks customized for you 

To say, "that was the point where everything finally changed for me!"

The Balance Mastermind

We know you wear many hats and are much more than your business.

We help you grow your business
so you can get back to life. 

You don't want to just look like you have it all. You want to feel like you have it all. There's nothing wrong with you. This idea of 'being it all' is flawed! I'll show you a better way.

3 Day All-Inclusive Balance Retreat

3 months Small-Group Masterminding 

Monthly Private COaching Calls with Leah

Mini Personal Brand Photo Shoot (at Retreat)

Bonus: Complete Website Audit by Leah

Bonus: Primary Platform Social Media Review

Bonus: 6 On-Demand Courses from Leah's Library (you choose)

3-Day All-Inclusive Retreat

3 Months Small Group Mastermind

Monthly Private Coaching With Leah

Mini Personal Brand Photo Shoot 

Complete Website Audit By Leah

Social Media Platform Review

6 Courses From Leah's Library


value over

$3597 Value

$2700 Value

$3000 Value

$795 Value

$697 Value

Full Value of the Mastermind

Do more with less

$397 Value

$1997 Value

NOT what you pay!

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who this is for

who it's not for

Women who have reached a healthy 6-figures and beyond, and are loving the income, but not the toll.

This won't be the right fit if you've been in business for 2 years or less.

If there's a pattern of explaining why you couldn't do what you said you would do, this isn't a good fit (yet).

Women who want to be able to step away for the weekend, the week, or even a month and know their business can handle it.

Brand new business owners who don't have money to invest in growth, coaching, or education yet. 

We're a perfect fit if you have big goals but you want to achieve them in a way that doesn't require more personal time.

If you agree that Our most precious commodity is time, If you want to be present, make an impact, and feel great in the process... You belong with us.

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