Let's decide What kind of life we actually want, then say no to everything else.




Pinterest is our #1 list building source and Marilyn manages all things Pinterest Marketing for me!

After I record the episodes, I hand everything over to Jessie and she works her Podcasting magic for me!

What would I do without her? Idie manages all the things for me plus she makes me look way smarter with her proofing skills!

Virtual Assistant Extraordinaire 

Podcast Manager

Pinterest Marketing Manager




He's supported my crazy ideas from the very beginning. Even chauffeuring all the ladies at my very first Retreat because I was scared to drive the giant van. 

My incredible sister and best friend! Jenna is not only there to help our coaching members reach their goals, but she helps me too!

Membership Coach

My Hubby

Best. Operation. Breakdown.

I can't do what I do without help! I preach outsourcing, so I wanted to make sure you saw mine. We can be all the things, but we can't do all the things. Here are the incredible humans who support me!

No Islands here

I can't be the intentional business owner PLUS mom/wife that I want to be without help! We can be all the things, but we can't do all the things. We need support! I get a lot of help in order to do what I do, here are the incredible humans who support me!

Bob isn't real, but he's still part of the team. Every reoccurring activity utilizes a BOB so we can systemize our best every time. I teach all about Bob in here.


My very first business was a line of soaps and waxes for marine care when I was 21. I was so proud the day I saw my products on a retail shelf.


I love family history! I geek out over new clues that unlock the stories of those who came before me (like I said: total geek!).


I'm a PNW girl who's love language is seafood! My hubby knows to go past the florist and directly to the seafood department but if it's been a really hard day - bring both!


I'm a homebody who loves to travel... Basically, I want to stay home unless you tell me that where we're going takes a passport - then I'm totally in!


I'm a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It has been the greatest blessing of my life and came to me when I was 20.

did you know?

5 facts about leah

Cheese Boards

You won't be coming to my house without one of these making a debut. If the cheese board was an olympic sport - I think I could get on the podium!


My edu. comes from YouTube, online courses, and I'm usually listening to 4+ books. I hated learning as a kid, but now it's actually my hobby (is that lame?)


I'll make any excuse to get a new stamp on my passport! We even took our kids & traveled the globe for a year. It was incredible! Favorite cities: Tokyo, Paris, & London!

My Favorite Things

My family

I get to be his wife and their mom, there's no greater position I'll ever have. That's why balancing it all is so important to me!

Grateful is not big enough. Everything I hold most precious is because of Him. He is always there, but will never intrude - we just have to ask.

The Book of Mormon

Girl Time

I love a good girl's night or better yet, weekend! Add great food, powerful conversation, and a few you-might-pee-a-little laugh session and I'm all about it.

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