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It started as a conversation between business besties. Val McKeenan and I would talk about algorithms and engagement. But then, one day the conversation shifted.

We started talking about how it all made us feel. It seemed like we constantly needed to play the game, one that we were never allowed to take a time-out from (or so we thought). Everything was measured against a yardstick that either said 'Better luck next time,' or 'Now go and try to duplicate that.' 

And then the youth in my church were given a challenge to take a 7-day break from fake. I jumped in, thinking I was just there to support them. How wrong I was! After my experience, I told Val and she jumped in too, taking her own 7-day break. We couldn't believe what we discovered. After that, we knew this conversation was bigger than the two of us. And so we invited others to join us and asked them if we could survey them throughout the process, in hopes that we could find tangible solutions for the modern life on how to cultivate a healthier relationship with our phones.


what would happen?

Yes, I totally want to try this! Please let me know when you guys do your next SOcial Media Detox Study!


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After studying the habits of social media usage among adults and from my own personal experience, I share strategies and confessions for the modern social media life.


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