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What’s in the bag and on the computer?

Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start… (I love musicals)

Ok personally I have… 
Camera: The Canon 40D
Lens: Canon EF 50mm 1:1.8f 
and Photoshop CS4
Thats what I started with and learned on. I whole heartedly recommend all 3. 
The Body. I was originally looking at the Canon Rebels (and if that what you have, thats great) I went for the 40D because a photographer friend Mark Holliday Lee told me it was worth the little extra to move up to pro line. And I try really hard to listen to those who are smarter than me, it almost always pays off! 
Next for the lens. I started googling on this one, and every major photographer says to start with the 50mm 1.8f and the fact that you can get it for right around $100 is awesome! 
Here are some links that helped me make my decision:
(this one is a real treat, because her work is amazing!!!!)
In my top 5 things I can’t live with out list… Photoshop is coming to the deserted island with me! I took a mentoring workshop from Heather Ward several months ago, before I had even even tried doing a shoot and she said something that really stuck. She told me as professional photographers we need to set ourselves apart from what they can take with there own camera and what we can give them. Photoshop is the key to this equation!! We will dive into lots more on photoshop in later posts, but ti’s worth the purchase!! 
Now photoshop has a hefty price tag (I have CS4, it’s around $600), if you are a student or have a “higher learning” student in your house I have a great tip!!!! I was in the MAC store at the genius bar about something totally unrelated, we started talking and the genius recommended I try Academic Super Store. (my hubby is in graduate school). I got CS4 extended for $198!! 
If you already have photoshop try this great link for video tutorials and this one, especially for CS4.
If you have any great places you have found, share the love my linking us to it in your comment post! 


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