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OK – I’ve said it before and I will undoubtedly say it again! I’m a sucker for presentation and service. I love feeling important, posh, vip, who doesn’t?  {wink} There is a reason I love Nordstrom, Whole Foods, spas and  fancy cheese. It all gives me a sense of cool! I want my customers to have a feeling of VIP service as well… So I’m doing a few little things (and as I grow more will be coming) to insure that. I love looking at my favorite stores, seeing what they do that makes me happy and than incorporating it into my own business. I constantly stop and ask myself if I would like appreciate such and such situation as a customer, if the answer is no than I wont do it at LRP. So this brings me to High Res CD’s. I know a lot of photographers do not offer them, I completely understand why they wouldn’t. But since I’m the one typing let me tell you why I do. Because as a customer I love control and when I’m looking for my own photographer I want the option to print when, how, who I want. I’m also NOT loaded – remember my hubby is in grad school, and I’m a budding photographer so being able to print myself is a wonderful affordable option (that is if I could afford a photographer)!  I would want the CD so my customers get a CD, simple as that! So in offering this CD, I wanted the presentation to be really nice! Here is what I’ve come up with so far…

They receive the CD with an image from the shoot, a thank you card and a little thank you goody (these will be Lindt Chocolates usually) but it’s been 90 the last week in Portland so no shipping chocolate in the summer for me! They are what I treat myself with while I edit, it’s been a little trickier lately with all the heat! I know of a gal who’s company is bubblegum tree, how cute would it be for her to give gum balls!

On the back of the CD case (and I have to tell you I was tickled pink with myself when I cam up with this) is the print release, I blurred it out to keep info private. Now they have the release where they wont loose it and they can bring the whole thing right to their printer of choice and show that they are authorized to print.
BTW – I’m using Avery 8960 labels for my cd’s and I got the template right from their website! I eventually want a printer that will burn the image right onto the CD, but that will have to come in time!
And that my friends, is my CD send off package to give to each of my clients. If you have any questions about what i used or how I did it just leave a comment or shoot me an email.
ADD ON: In answer to a few of the questions posted. Here is a pic of what it looks like. I use the downloadable template in word and drag the image in (I’ve already added my logo in PS) It takes a little playing with to get it right! Than I just print from my HP printer (nothing fancy at all) Lastly that do-hicky thing at the bottom is a must (I had it from a Christmas gift project a couple years back) – I think it’s from Wal-Mart? I un-peel the label place it sticky side up on the do-hicky (really helps having those tabs) and than lower the burned CD on it. It keeps it all almost perfectly centered, something I could never do free hand!  Like I said before eventually I want the printer that will burn the image directly on the CD. That way in years to come the label wont ever start peeling, although I did buy labels specifically stating they won’t peel! There are several software programs you can get for PC users but not for MACS (I’m a mac girl) and this is the best alternative I’ve found!


  1. justbecauseimages says:

    Love it! Thank you for sharing! I am just now checking out your blog and so far I am digging it. I will look further but am interested in how you word your print releases. Any help?
    Thanks again for sharing!

  2. Shahrul Shaharuddin says:

    good stuff bro.. 🙂

  3. Shanae says:

    Very AWESOME Leah!! Love that idea, so creative, cute and perfect! OF course I do have a question, so you just use your regular printer to print onto the label and then just stick it onto your CD?

  4. Cheryn says:

    I know I would feel the VIP status with hi-res picture CD with our pic on the cover!!! Awesome.

  5. Photographer: Rebecca Pierce says:

    Cute ideas! I designed a label and everything and then it prints different every time. Even setting up my printer to print that specific label…I decided that my printer drags the paper through differently each time…so it doesn't print in the right spot. So annoying…so I need some professionally printed, have you come across anywhere that does that?

  6. Photographer: Rebecca Pierce says:

    P.S. thanks for not calling Nordstrom, "Nordstroms" I hate that. Someone jsut committed that offense in my presence today…so annoying!

  7. Charlotte says:

    Found your blog thru another blog and don't know how I got here, but glad I did. I too sell digital images to my clients. Your print release on the cd case is a good idea. I used to just print them out an original on card stock and then they would make copies as needed. Usually they would end up losing the original before making copies, so I got smart and also burned it directly to the cd with the images. It has worked out great and may work even better by putting on the cd case as well. May I use your idea?

    I see you are from Portland as well 🙂

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