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Photoshop: to use or not to use?

that IS the question! And seriously it’s ALL about you! Do you know what I absolutely LOVE about photography? Well you get to find out either way.. Unless of course your really don’t and then I would say stop reading. So what I love is this, how incredibly different one souls style is from another. I could have 5 different photographers photograph my family (by the way if you’re interested…) and get completely different images from each of them. Thats freaking awesome!And with that thought (and a couple others) I was thinking about photoshop. I know many photographers who use little to know post production processing… I on the other hand am the blazing bold opposite of the spectrum. All though for the record, I would love to do way less as I get way better *blush*. But at the same time -seriously- I love photoshop, on my dessert island CS4 and my MAC are waiting for me right beside my camera and lens (uhh – in an airtight tent that no sand can reach of course)!
To each their own and that is part of the magic of photography. I lived in Hawaii for a few years and in leaving in the last year I have had SEVERAL (as in I think 6 of us at least) have all decided to try going professional. What’s so incredible is how very different we each are. It’s so inspiring to go see what they are doing. I love it. Each one of us has gone out and found what we love. Photography is art and although it may be an image of someone else it is still our own self expression! And staying true to that is what’s really important!

Many of us are new to photography, the idea of calling yourself an artist (if you are anything like me) may make you laugh out loud. And for the moment your work might often be a mimic of someone who inspires you. Thats where we all start and I think to some degree stay. The beauty is that as you continue to practice, practice and practice you begin to get your bearings and you find your own voice and where your passion really lies. I guess someday we each find that we have become an artist. Here’s to making your masterpiece!

my current masterpiece.


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