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I dreamt about facebook… what does that say?

I woke up this morning ready to go! I’d had a dream that I was in an office space with 5 employees (why I needed 5 employes, I haven’t got the slightest). None the less, 5 employees and I were sitting in the office (laughing mind you, I maintain a happy work environment) when suddenly I had a thought, I should buy these wonderful employees donuts! This thought was so ingenious that I was transported back to my car and was driving into work (because dreams have the fabulous advantage of do-overs when you get an even better idea). I’m sure I was driving something much cooler than my current mini-van although I didn’t get a chance to pay attention because what I was thinking was this…

‘This is SO COOL, I’m going to have to facebook it!”
Dreaming is a critical part of building a business. But don’t just dream about it, create it! Where do you want to go, what do you want to see happen? I don’t ever have the desire to need FIVE employees. One for office management maybe, 5 … probably not! In my real dream, Im not heading to an office space but rather stepping outside my back door, walking across the adorable walkway (with hot chocolate in hand) and into my bright and beautiful studio. And my office will be in the home and will maybe look something like this…

only my walls will be COVERED in beautiful portraits!
Are you dreaming? Do you have your dream? Write it down, share (you can start right here!). I absolutely LOVE dreaming! As you write your dreams down think it though and make it your reality! Here’s to a GREAT week!



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