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FREE Professional Photography Blog – Thats Right!!

I just launched my new blog today and I’m so excited about it! As photographers it’s crucial that we have great blogs. Thats where potential clients look the most, why? It’s always being updated where as our websites don’t get attention quite as much.

I was with blogger. Started out happy (loved that it was free) but soon started having two BIG issuess. 1. The Image size. I wanted clients and potential clients to see a large crisp image. 2. I was not happy with the color quality! Below is a screen shot (remember this is blogger again so it’s adding the green cast to the left image but look how bad the right side is). To better see the contrast here is the old blog and the new blog.

I knew I wanted a new blog (badly) but as I started looking into pricing I was not happy. It seemed that my blog was going to cost more (a lot more) than my website did. But one day as I clicked around from blog to blog I found my answer!

Tofurious. Lawrence Chan of Tofurious has created a blog theme specifically for photographers that is completely customizable. Here is the demo.

Now I had a plan! Implementing the plan was a little more in depth. “I am NOT computer savvy” is a vast understatement. But I saw the video tutorials and figured I would give it a go! Lawrence recommend Blue Host and has video tutorials on how to get it up and going. Knowing that I had no chance without the most basic step by step, I did exactly what he recommended every step of the way (or so I thought). At 3am – 7 hours after starting this little project I called BlueHost for support (so awesome to be open 24/7!) and with a lot of work on their end they finally figured out what I’d managed to screw up and got me up and running. There is was the TOFU web blog… Only problem, I’m not Tofurious. After the time I put into getting it up and going I made a VERY WISE choice!!

I contacted Danella ( ), recommended by Lawrence Chan to help me with my customization. {Insert choirs singing}. Danella got RIGHT back to me, I sent her a little mock up (see mock up below) that I’d created while I was trying to decide what I wanted to do along with the digital elements (don’t forget you MUST have the commercial rights) and she worked her uber fab magic and had my blog up and going the NEXT DAY!

Can you imagine how long it would have taken me? And mine certainly wouldn’t have come out as great as what Danella ( ) created for me! It could have been months maybe even years of frustration and tears over my illiteracy with electronics! I just wish I’d had her set it up from the start and save me from a long night of no sleep!
So there it is, my NEW BLOG! Up and going for under $150 dollars!

A few things to note. The Tofurious Blog Them has two options the FREE download and the more advanced version for only $30 (has flash banner, here is the DEMO for the $30 version). The only reason I did not go with the $30 version is that I already have flash on my website making it so iPhones and other devices can not view it. I wanted to make sure that one of my sites was viewable from anything so I opted for no flash. If I did not have my website and this was going to be my website – I would have definitely opted for the $30 version!
The Blog Theme has step by step video instructions for installation however if you are lacking computer smarts or just don’t feel like investing the time into getting it all up and going. I highly recommend that you email Danella ( ). Her prices are a steal and the aspirin you avoid popping do to the immense headache you now have is worth every penny!
Last thought. The theme is free or $30 bucks. Word Press is free. So all you are paying for is hosting and blog installation if you need it. This is a great deal!



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