Nov 16, 2009


You have one more day if you were thinking of showing off an image with Bokeh! Thanks to me not getting the images sized down and having to much on the plate today. Instead… I’m sending you off to another FANTASTIC blog, and if you have not found this one yet, ooooh. You are going to love me for it!!! It’s called CoffeeShop, and it is a sinfully delightful little place to explore, so get some hot chocolate (I don’t drink coffee) and enjoy!

It’s ALL FREE textures, actions and more. It’s awesome. I have so many actions lots paid for, lots free… The one action I use the very most is Coffee Shop Powder Room. Just a side note with powder room, I often use it (and ALL my actions for that matter) in completely different ways than intended. For example, I might use the soften skin layer just to blur my background a little more (hint, hint for Bokeh), or the eye pop to bling out the jewelry! What I’m saying is don’t be afraid to play!!

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