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Giveaway Time!!!

Skye’s words: I’ve spend the last three years teaching other photographers around the country with my Soulographer Workshops. Just a few weeks ago, however, I retired from teaching Workshops so I can focus on being wife and mom, and my commercial photography. Of course people can still learn from me by way of my Workshop Workbook. I’ve taken all that I’ve taught at my Workshops and put it into workbook-format – perfect for the busy mom/photographer to learn at their own pace (plus no workshop travel fees!).

The Workshop Workbook’s tagline is “Be amazing at what amazes you” … So many of us, myself included, started our love affair with photography by simply being amazed by it – the process, the moments, and of course, the results. My Workshop Workbook shares my process, secrets and strategies to become amazing at what you love … Photography!

One important aspect of the Workbook is that it is both creativity and business based. In my first year of business I had my heat shut for three weeks in October (I lived in NE Ohio at the time). Why? Because talent is not enough! No matter how talented you are as a photographer, if you are in business, you’ve got to know about business. If you don’t know marketing – who will know about you? If you don’t have proactive pricing – how will you make a profit? If you don’t have sound business policies – how will you prevent burn-out?

Of course, it is not all about business! I feed off of the creative aspect of what I do. Where do I get inspiration? How do you find your style? How about all those great clothes – how do I get the client’s to dress so stylish? Do I really bring all the props I own to each session? And then comes post-processing. I puffy heart Photoshop. No, I don’t use Photoshop to fix bad photography, but rather, use it to enhance what is already there. My post processing is also included in the Workbook, including “before & after” shots for visuals.

I’m very excited about the upgrade I am working on now for the Workbook which will include a posing-inspire guide. Although I am still hashing out the details, I know this will be a great resource for photographers looking for great posing ideas as well as inspiration.

You can read more about the upgrade by clicking here:

Those who purchase the Workshop Workbook now will receive it free when it is released.

More details on what is included in the Workbook , as well as policies and purchasing information can be found on the website:

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Skye has very generously offered a VERY special bonus for the Go for Pro Peeps

One person will walk away winning a complimentary Workbook, but the rest of us aren’t left out!! Skye is offering us a special discount on the Workbook – one that includes the upgrade free when it is released, as well as the bonus Business Forms Packet (and if you have followed this blog at all you know how must I love that packet!)

The discounted price of $245 (thats $130 off the original price) – ends on December Friday, 11th, no exceptions. No whining. Just put “gopro” in the discount box when making your payment to receive the special pricing.

Another note, if you bought the Workbook during this giveaway and happened to have won – Skye will refund your money!

How to Win: Just make a comment. Want more chances to win? For each of the following things you do, make another comment and link what you did in the comment box and keep increasing your chances! You could…

(1) Facebook about this giveaway & Go{4}Pro

(2) Be a follower of Go{4}Pro

(3) Blog about this giveaway & Go{4}Pro

(4) Twitter about this giveaway & Go{4}Pro

(5) Post on a forum about this giveaway and or Go{4}Pro

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Winner will be announced Thursday Dec. 10th. Sale ends Friday Dec. 11th!

Good luck!



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