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Using your blog as a marketing tool – The Filler Food

It’s a 2 post day… Here is your 2nd helping!
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I really believe that part of having a successful blog campaign is content. When I say content I mean it in two forms; 1. that you just plain have content. 2. thats it’s fun and interesting.
Blogs are an invaluable marketing tool for getting people in the “door”. And whats going to insure that they keep coming back? Content! However it can be difficult to keep up with frequent posts, especially if you haven’t quite made it to consistent bookings yet. Think of the most successful blogs, each time you come back you are treated to something new and wonderful to feast your eyes on. Now think of the disappointment that comes when you check in on a favorite blog only to find it’s the same post from last time. Keeping your blog full can be as important and what’s on your blog.Of course I am not advocating boring blah-ness of brown paper bags just to say that you posted something. But I am saying that your blog doesn’t have to be filled only by sneak peaks of recent sessions. Quite the contrary! Here are four ideas to fill up your blog in between the sneak peaks.

1. Your Kids. Next time you get a new photography prop or even a great outfit for one of your kiddos go have a fun little mini shoot. Take a few shots with the idea that you only need 2 or 3 for a fun post. I love using my kids as filler for my photography blog because it gives a chance for my friends and family (who always harp on me for not keeping up the family blog) a chance to see them. Plus some of my very favorite images came from silly prop shots like this one…

2. Landscapes. If you are like me, you almost always have your camera with you. If you’re not. Try it. Sometimes I bring it out, sometimes I don’t hassle with it, but I usually have it. So next time you see a beautiful mountain scape, bright fallen leaves or a flower that demands attention, take a picture. Post a beautiful image and the thought it conjures up for you and allow your readers to take a moment and enjoy the work of The Original artist!

3. Seasonal. It’s Christmas time. What a wonderful opportunity to post Christmas decorations, noble firs or Hot Chocolate! Make use of each season and the thoughts they evoke and blog in accordance.

images from
4. Food. One of my favorite things to look at is food! I love seeing food photography, who doesn’t. Something scrumptious beckoning me to try it. Create something special and make sure you have your camera ready. In my house it is not uncommon at all for everyone to have to wait till I get my camera so I can take a few shots of my husbands meal (I always give the best to him). Not a great cook? Thats okay. Next time you order a beautiful sushi roll or fantasticly plated appetizer, snap a few shots.

image from Vegan Yum Yum


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