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I’m just itch’n to tell you – I am SOOOO excited for next week! It’s Business week at Go{4}Pro and we are going to talk about the elements to a great Marketing campaign! I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time but things were to crazy… Now that LRP is more manageable again I’m finally making it happen! And on Friday I’ll be unveiling something that I’ve been working really hard on! Here’s a hint, it’s gonna make marketing a snap!

So email in any questions you might have about Marketing, branding – anything to do with building the bus and we’ll try to get to those as well!!

Last but not least – will you let me know which of these 3 logos you like best and why. First let me tell you my thoughts. My favorite is the middle, I think it represents my style the best HOWEVER it’s really difficult to work with when adding it to branding materials like brochures, etc. Because of that I’m leaning toward the top one because it’s so easy to implement into anything. But even as I write this… I just love the middle one. The last logo is my current logo which I’m just not loving and I feel like it’s somewhere is the middle of Retro and Classically Romantic and so hard to work with for Branding. …. Oh and we will be talking a lot more about logos and what you need to think about when designing one next week!



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