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1 Shot – 3 Way (contributed by Carrie)

The Original (SOOC)

The Edits

Side by Side – UP CLOSE
A quick thought:

Because this is just a fun exercise to show you how incredibly different an image can look when being handed to 3 different photogs, you may see a little more extreme results then we might normally do. For example; I tend to crop a little more heavily then I normally would for print because for this all I need is a web resolution file and I like cropping to fit my style and my style is up close and personal. However as a shooting rule, I always try to shoot with the end cropping result in mind. For my clients I only crop probably 25% of the images I edit. This is because I always want to keep the resolution as high as possible! 

If you would like to see what we come up with for one of your sooc’s just email Go{4}Pro with the file and make sure the Subject line reads 1 Shot 3 Ways Submission so I can find it in my email box. 


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