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1 Shot – 3 Way (contributed by Kalli Barker Photography)

Sorry this is coming to you late this morning. I dropped the girls off at preschool and when I came home my little man wanted eggs and I decided that he just couldn’t wait. So we cooked our breakfast together (for 2, he’s quite the helper) and sat down and enjoyed our organic – free range – omega 3 eggs, stone ground- 100% whole wheat toast and grapefruit together (my hubby studies nutrition). Now we have happy faces and full tummy’s so thanks for waiting!

It’s that time again to see how 3 photoshop enthusiasts (notice I did not say pro’s – we just love PS) spin the same image. Thank you so much to Kalli Barker for contributing this image for the exercise. Such a great starting point! Awesome angle, great backdrop and adorable model, what more could we ask for! And thanks to Noelle and Carrie for playing my little game!


The Breakdown:

If you would like to contribute a sooc image for the 1 Shot – 3 ways exercise just email it to me with the subject line: 1 Shot – 3 Ways! 



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