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Newborn Shoot in Action – by Emily Weaver Brown

I know you all have enjoyed watching sessions in action so here is a new video by a new (only to Go{4}Pro ) photographer, Emily Weaver Brown is a Seattle based photographer who shows just how much patience and waiting is involved in newborn photography.

I really love that Emily mentions that it’s a lot more about rocking and waiting then it is shooting and playing, oh so true!! Newborn sessions take the longest (PERIOD). I have had a newborn session take up to 4 hours, and if it’s the first baby, mom and dad are very cautious and nervous and you really need to respect that and take your time! I wrote a post  HERE for newborn tips and tricks that you might enjoy.

I love shooting newborns. It’s a lot of work, but the end result is so worth it! Thank you to Emily for sharing this video with us!



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