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Confessions} Trying something new, BOUDOIR

WARNING: If you’re at work or your kids are playing beside you, you may want to hold off on watching the slide show. For this post I purposefully created a slide show so all my readers at work wont find them selves an awkward race for the ‘close’ box. No nudity but it’s still sexual. Just keep that in mind. 

While I am definitely a children’s photographer, I also love to mix things up and try new things when ever I can! It’s really important to me to get the creativity flowing in new directions and a new challenge definitely helps accomplish it! Shooting a verity of clients has helped me find what I’m truly passionate about. When I first started photography, newborn, family and kids were the obvious. As I started to really get my feet wet I thought maybe that wasn’t where my focus was. I had done several engagement all in a row and a couple seniors and was thinking, ‘wow! this is awesome. I tell them what to do and they do it! I’m not chasing toddlers like a crazy lady.’ It didn’t take to long to realize that while I enjoy shooting engagement and LOVE shooting seniors, babies and kids are my natural. But even knowing that now, I still want to shake things up. Several months ago I was asked about boudoir, and while it’s not something I will advertise for I was certainly not apposed to the idea of shooting the session! 

So the planning process began. In my opinion, one of the most critical parts of boudoir photography is location! I’ve seen some boudoir sessions go horribly wrong because the backdrop is doing nothing to add to the story. Every picture tells a story. Boudoir’s story is all about seduction, beauty allure and reverie. The 80’s kitchen backdrop probably won’t create the look you envision. My client and I went back and forth planning and designing what she was wanting for her boudoir session. 

My purpose for posting this is just as a reminder to try outside the box. While I know Boudoir is nothing new to photography – it is new to me. It’s a world away from my normal chase of toddlers and it placed me far from my comfort zone. It really pushed and challenged me creatively and that was fun. Who knows if this will go much further? I put 2 teaser images (can’t even tell it was a boudoir session) on my blog and a mom who regularly checks told a friend and the next boudoir is already scheduled so there is at least one more down the road for me…

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